Okay I have a serious question.

So there is a lot of shiz going around about Tumblr famous and shit. Someone please define Tumblr famous to me haha. I might be the only one who doesn’t know who is Tumblr famous or understand it. So what is it and why does everyone hate them?

  1. irisdu answered: Acho que um famoso no tumblr é aquele que chama a atenção sendo original, como você *-*
  2. e-c-l-i-p-s-e answered: for some ppl they define it as a person who had a tons of followers in their tumblr.. some are deserve to have it and some are just selfish
  3. xotiiic answered: pretty much everyone on tumblr knows you and loves you, and you have a billion followers. haha
  4. audgeey answered: i don’t know who Tumblr famous is either. :}
  5. basementpeopleforever answered: i think tumblr should stay among us…
  6. vincentvangok answered: you are.and i dont hate you.
  7. allketa-3 answered: Your not alone, because i don’t know who it is either. If you find out inform me to !
  8. hushbaby2288 answered: You’re not alone, i have no idea what it is either.
  9. jaehaella answered: hello^^ this might help… ^^ urbandictionary.com/def…
  10. corrine4u answered: thanks for your question, now i know what tumblr famous means.
  11. kernishad answered: iLove it! ♥
  12. buying-starss answered: Tumblr Famous is a person who reaches 1,000 and stops following back.
  13. melissameizs answered: Apperantly, you are not the only one who doesn’t know who is Tumblr Famous. Maybe you’re one of the Tumblr Famous I know :)
  14. rubyisagem answered: someone who has a ton of followers (and usually became so because of promos) and they get cocky and carried away
  15. himodesig answered: no
  16. loveiswhatilivefor answered: someone who is famous ONLY because of tumblr. but in not real life ya know?
  17. xobsession answered: I also have no idea but i’m guessing maybe some of the “tumblr famous” can get a bit big headed &/ followers become jealous?
  18. femmes-cygnes answered: I think it might be all hype, though. I don’t understand the hate, perhaps people just enjoy letting their anger out anonymously?
  19. sammie-ru answered: you are only famous on tumblr
  20. keepcalmand-carrion answered: because people strive for attention thats why lol. It’s basically where everyone knows you and likes your stuff ,when you get asks ect.
  21. juusan-yearoldmind answered: i think its just people with alot of followers and other people are jealous they dont have as many? i’m not exactly sure either.
  22. lemony-xoxo answered: tumblr famous is basically a term for people who have blogs on tumblr that are famous and have alot of followers :) i duno why there’s hate
  23. dreamsinmanhattan answered: A ‘famous’ tumblr’er who is known by many, usually not by all of tumblr but most people who reblog the same things, like luxury/music/love
  24. blackweka answered: people well known throughout Tumblr. usually these people are good looking and post shitty stuff.
  25. all-the-suicidal-tendencies answered: i have no idea..
  26. shibaeinu answered: just generally people who have tons of followers. usually disliked because they tend to be really stuck up. not always though
  27. see-no-more answered: lots of followers creates jealous haters which creates tumblr fame.
  28. wildfirewhizbang said: I don’t think tumblr fame really exists. I think people just say it because whoever they’re directing it at has a lot of followers/is well known on tumblr.
  29. transient-love answered: as an example, jamjars is tumblr famous! everyone on tumblr knows who he is!
  30. unicorn-madness answered: "tumblr famous" usually means 50,000+ followers. but some would say 1,000 is pretty famous. It just means you have a lot of followers an shit
  31. chanelalizeduh answered: Tumblr famous is when your ask is constantly full, when people reblog every single one of your posts. And just constantly having notes
  32. amournatalie answered: it
  33. firstglancefeeling22 answered: very well known on tumblr, like “popularity” on tumblr. Like if you have alot of followers and your posts get reblogged, likes, etc.
  34. oh--wanderer answered: how do you do a box like this? hahhaa
  35. superspaceman answered: Someone that is famous in the Tumblr world
  36. copperrboom answered: have you heard of vanityxo ? she is what people mean when they say ‘tumblr famous’ because she has about 60,000 followers
  37. livefortheweekend answered: When you’re well known by mostly everyone on tumblr because your picutres surface on the dashboard a lot.
  38. dayfiftyseven answered: Basically where one person’s picture/tumblr comes up in ALOT of feeds, and is talked about alot too. :)
  39. itswhatideserve answered: I think tumblr famous is when you’re just well known on tumblr. :P