Which Fashion Blog Is Your Favorite Of 2011?

And I’m not talkin about tumblr blogs. Unless they are like epic haha.

My favorite tumblr blog would be We The Urban and fashion blogger would be Olivia Lopez’s blog Lust For Life.

  1. thats-my-life-story answered: Olivia Lopez and definately yours! haha
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  3. hipsytipsy answered: ifluentlespeakfashion , curlytweets , fashionhollic , famousrocketeer , fairycandles :)
  4. bcanndy answered: leflassh.com
  5. lorenianp answered: stylescrapbook
  6. fashionfaisy answered: follow back ? :)
  7. ayjacobo answered: neonblush.com <3
  8. corycory6 answered: Love for fashion <3
  9. daniellepaisley answered: llymlrs Lily Melrose!
  10. thesplendorofsadness answered: fashionbombdaily
  11. englishbird answered: redcarpet-fashionawards.com/ is good, sometimes the comentary from the blogger gets on my nerves, but she has lots of good posts…
  12. syifabonkers answered: i do really love nurulcakapcakap.blogspot . she is bloggerstar i think. she is superb and i love her fashion well. i adore her <3
  13. and-nothing-plus answered: Look at my blog and say what do you think please :)
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  15. n0-o-n-e answered: please follow back? :)
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  17. youridiculous answered: fashiontoast and song of style
  18. paiholic answered: blog.triciagosingtian.c… itscamilleco.com and kryzuy.com
  19. dagorjes answered: we the urban<3
  20. kayshacs answered: stylescrapbook
  21. thestylestorm answered: The Clothes Horse :)
  22. tanyifang answered: I love leblogdebetty.com and brownplatform.com and lots of fashion bloggers :p
  23. shibaeinu answered: jesslovesfred.com and garypeppervintage.blogspot.com
  24. yoon-jeong answered: neonblush.com
  25. love-run-dry answered: Style Scrapbook and Karla’s Closet
  26. tayler-edward answered: Garance Dore &/or The Man Repeller… can’t decide!!
  27. theesthetics answered: Tales of Endearment oh and of course, Shalasrabithole
  28. katsofio answered: itscamilleco.com :)
  29. seille answered: 5 inches and up <3
  30. v-olupte answered: My one ;) op-shopadventures.blogs…
  31. michaellouis answered: Jak and Jil